Plasma Pen


Plasma Fibroblast is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment that offers an alternative to invasive surgical produces.

The treatment is delivered using an electronic hand piece ( the plasma pen) containing a small metal probe that when exposed to atmospheric gas (nitrogen) produces a tiny plasma flash between the device tip and skin. This stimulation triggers contractions in the fibroblasts resulting in strengthened elasticity & new collagen.

The result of creating this tiny superficial thermal trauma is a tightened and lifted skin which appears healthier firmer and rejuvenated.

It is recommended that the client has 2-3 treatments for best results. Treatments are spaced 12 weeks apart.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The plasma pen does that require cutting of the skin there for there is no general anaesthesia involved. The treatment can take 20-60 minutes depending on the size of the area.
Directly after the treatment, the area will have small formations of scabs and some will slightly swell for 5-10 days.
Can last up to 2 years if using recommended skin care.
It is recommended that the client apply a Topical Anaesthetic prior to treatment. This will be discussed at your complimentary consultation.

Plasma Pen

Before & After Treatment

plasma pen before afterplasma pen before afterplasma pen before afterplasma pen before after


Lower eyelid/ Tear trough eyes

$300 – $400

Perioral lip lines


Neck Jowl Lift

from $500