Permanent hair removal

Electrolysis is a safe, effective, progressive, permanent method of removing unwanted hair. It remains the only method that offers permanent hair removal for all skin types and hair colours.

Electrolysis is a hair-removal technique that uses electricity to damage the hair follicle, similar to laser hair removal, but with some important differences. With electrolysis, a pen-like device is used to target each individual follicle, so it’s best for people who want to treat smaller areas, like chin, upper lip, eyebrows, and underarms. Larger areas can be done, but it will take much longer. And unlike laser hair removal, it can work on lighter hairs and darker skin tones. Electrolysis is considers the only permanent hair removal method.

Graduating from the Strand Beauty Collage Sydney in 1990. Karen has 28 years experience which is unparelled in the region and sees her attracting clients as far afield as Sydney, Southern Highlands and the far south coast. Karen uses the latest technology Sterex SX Blend Epilator.


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